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Transforming entrepreneurship for a more inclusive future.

At Seed Academy, we empower women and youth entrepreneurs, while helping companies to transform their supply chains and gain ESD points recognition.

About Us - Seed Academy
Our Role - Seed Academy

Our Role

Our team has a deep understanding of the entrepreneurial ecosystem. That’s what enables us to craft solutions that serve entrepreneurs, as well as the corporate sponsors who support their development. We know that when entrepreneurs are empowered, they invest back into their families and communities, creating a ripple effect that benefits everyone and the economy.

Seed Academy’s programmes equip entrepreneurs to take the lead in writing the next chapter in South African entrepreneurship.

Our role in that story is small but vital: Seed Academy focuses on Enterprise Development (ED) and early-stage Supplier Development (SD). We also partner with best-in-class to create further impact across the BEE scorecard.

But what really sets Seed Academy apart is our approach to developing entrepreneurs. We understand the unique economic, cultural and psycho-social challenges women and youth face as businesspeople. That’s why our programmes are enriched with personal development and leadership themes that complement business and technical training.

What Drives Us

Our Purpose

To create a new narrative for entrepreneurship in South Africa where women and youth entrepreneurs are builders & leaders of high-growth businesses that positively impact the economy and uplift communities

Our Vision

A vibrant community of women and youth entrepreneurs who are equally represented across all sectors, actively contributing to economic growth, creating jobs and alleviating poverty

Our Mission
To empower women and youth entrepreneurs to build successful, scalable and sustainable businesses by delivering holistic development programs and cultivating entrepreneurial communities

Our Team

Every member of our team is passionate about entrepreneurship and driven to make a difference. For us, entrepreneurship and women development aren’t buzz-words, they’re our reason for being and ingrained in our DNA.

Aimee - Seed Academy
Aimee Fine
Business & Operations Manager

Aimee is the Business and Operations Manager at Seed with 9 years of experience in the entrepreneur development industry. She is passionate about female entrepreneurs and making a difference in the community and has impacted many entrepreneurs along the way.

Aimee works across a multitude of areas including Business Development, Marketing, Customer Relationship Management, Entrepreneur Recruitment, Market Access, Operations, Finance, and Board Reporting. She is responsible for the leading and management of the team, sales assistance, the driving of market activities, client satisfaction, and the management of project budgets.

Glady - Seed Academy
Gladys Mashego
Finance Manager

Gladys is an Accountant at Seed Academy, where she is responsible for overseeing the finance department, ensuring the accuracy of financial records and mitigating risk, and implementing controls. Passionate about financial education and empowerment, Gladys mentors the younger members of the Seed team, tutors Grade 12 learners, and mentors abused women, assisting them to take steps towards a financially secure future.

Mahlaste - Seed Academy
Mahlatse Mafukate
Programme Assistant

Mahlatse is the Projects Coordinator at Seed Academy and is involved in many areas of the business. His core responsibilities include entrepreneur onboarding, client and entrepreneur relationships, evaluation of compliance, and assisting with the launch and closing events for various ESD programs. Mahlatse has a passion for creating opportunities for small businesses and is driven to assist them in achieving economic empowerment through job creation.

Khuthi - Seed Academy
Khuthi Sadiki
Finance Assistant

Khuthadzo is a Finance Intern at Seed Academy with a passion for business and numbers. She is highly driven and always looking to expand her s skillset within the finance and accounting landscape. Khuthadzo is responsible for the preparation of financial documents, assisting with budgets, recording office expenditures, bank reconciliations, and financial reporting at Seed

We Go Far by Going Together

Our networks and partnerships are steeped in entrepreneurship & women development and have a proven track-record of measurable impact

Our Shareholders


WDBIH is as a leading women empowerment company with over 26 years impact

investment experience and a portfolio of listed and unlisted investments across various sector.

WDBIH’s overall mandate is to drive women advancement within their investments. To-date WDBIH has total assets under management of R6.5bn and has repatriated approximately R200 million in dividends to the WDB Trust.

As an active strategic investor in a number of blue-chip companies, WDBIH leverages their board position to influence strategy and drive the advancement of women in the workplace and representation of women at senior and board level


Grovest is South Africa’s largest administrator of small cap funds. With R3.5 billion in assets under administration, Grovest finds and creates opportunities that enhance the world we live in through entrepreneurial ideas, vision and courage, and capital growth.

Driven to by innovation and giving entrepreneurs access to capital they traditionally wouldn’t have access to, Grovest is the force behind ‘Go-Getta’ – an innovative equity-based investment platform that connects African venture capital opportunities to investors worldwide through crowdfunding.

Our Partners

WBD Growth Fund

Equity funding for South African women and youth.


Youth development through public-private partnerships.

Leading BEE advisory and implementation services.

our past and current clients