About Seed Academy

At Seed Academy, we believe entrepreneurs are integral to economic growth and are the job creators of the future. With the right training, support and funding they can build successful, sustainable businesses.

We understand the needs of entrepreneurs and that these differ dependent on the lifestage of the business. We offer developmental workshops, accredited core skills training and support and funding for the three key stages of a business – Ideation, Build & Grow, Grow & Scale – whilst aligning to Corporates’ Transformation strategies.

Our programmes have been designed with sustainability in mind – we ensure our entrepreneurs are equipped, personally and professionally, to know what it takes to build, grow and scale a business.

We are a proud Level 1 BBBEE contributor and to-date we have trained and provided business support & mentorship to over 600 entrepreneurs – 68% are still in business and on average our entrepreneurs create 3 jobs per enterprise.

Our business is by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs – we have a passion for developing entrepreneurs and enabling them to deliver real traction in the form of customers and cash.

Our effective end-to-end solutions enable companies to impact job creation and employment in a sustainable way, whilst complying with the Amended Codes and improving their overall BBBEE scorecard.

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Jeff Miller
Adult Supervision
Donna Rachelson
Chief Catalyst
Lara Rosmarin
Game Changer
Shalane Yuen
Social Innovator
Aimee Feinberg
Director of Everything
Malome Mashamaite
Business Extractor
Warren Cronje
Entrepreneur in Residence
Yolanda Mandebvu
Business Generator

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