Seed Academy case study: Strata

Strata Game Changers – the ambition to transform


“My journey as an entrepreneur began in 2010, when I decided to leave my job and start my own business,” says Mishanth Ardithpesad, founder of and ‘chief coffee drinker’ at Strata Game Changers.

The idea to establish Strata Game Changers, a business dedicated to helping companies transform the employee onboarding experience; has since transformed itself.

“Our aim is to integrate new employees in a strategic manner, ensure they effectively learn about the company, the new roles they find themselves in, and are quickly and effectively introduced into organisational networking systems. Companies tend to do amazing things that employees are unaware of. We are successfully working with large companies to engage employees from day one,” Mishanth affirms.

  • Strata Game Changers has developed and introduced Accelerate Onboarding, a proprietary technology solution designed to significantly reduce the amount of effort required by companies to help communicate value to employees.
  • Accelerate Onboarding is a software tool that can also be modified to provide the option of a complete bespoke solution; from a digital platform that can be customised per business unit and per cost centre.

“We believe that employees who are more effectively integrated into organisations stay longer and perform better. We estimate that 86% of new hires make a ‘stay or leave’ decision within the first six months of joining the company, 24% leave within the first year and 33% leave in year two. Accelerate Onboarding effectively assists companies to increase employee retention.

Our research indicates that Employment Equity Forums are asking for better onboarding to be supported for employees in new roles. Accelerate Onboarding creates a personalised experience for every department, team and level, making the employee engagement process last for the vital first six months required for maximum effectiveness. We also use game design, which creates a fun, interactive process. Accelerate Onboarding is a software tool that ensures the success of new hires,” Mishanth confirms.

Getting things off the ground

Following a bumpy start in 2013, Mishanth’s entrepreneurial quest became infinitely easier when an associate recommended that he contact Seed Academy with a view to joining the Think.Be.Do. programme.

“I was still in the process of getting my business off the ground when I first joined the Think.Be.Do. programme. I was trying to get to market while seeking networking opportunities. Seed Academy really helped set the ball rolling in that I was yet to appreciate the influence they would have in shaping my business going forward. One of the greatest benefits of working with Seed is that they helped open doors for me in gaining access to markets; especially when I was selected to become part of the Microsoft BizSpark program. As far as the theory aspect of business is concerned, Lara has been amazing.

I have achieved a number of key milestones since working with Seed; including signing up my first major client and increasing my client base by a whopping 100%. I have also expanded to other key clients and taken my business to an international level. My recommendation to other entrepreneurs is to enrol with Seed Academy. As far as networking opportunities are concerned, Seed provides a platform like no other,” Mishanth recounts.

  • Mishanth believes that to create high performing employees one needs to build trust between leaders and employees, which, in turn, builds staff morale and assists in implementing culture change within an organisation.

“So far, we have moved employee retention rates up from 10% to 70%. Strata Game Changers aims to further transform as we strive to innovate. We plan to take the onboarding process of large global businesses and reduce the current three-day time period required to one-day,” Mishanth concludes.