Enterprise and Supplier Development Programmes that build, grow and scale sustainable, profitable businesses.

Seed Academy’s effective end-to-end solutions enable clients to positively impact skills development, job creation and employment in a sustainable way whilst complying with the Amended Codes and improving their overall BBBEE scorecard.

Our interventions increase the operational and financial capacity of qualifying EME and QSE beneficiaries, effectively channeling Skills development, Socio-economic development, Enterprise and Supplier development funds.

Our integrated processes deliver ESD and Social ROI based on measured outcomes with high levels of transparency and accountability.

We believe transformation is more than just ticking boxes – it’s about creating impactful entrepreneurs & empowering suppliers to effectively compete in supply chains.

"The time has come for a fresh look at an entrepreneurial system that gets real results."

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Seed Academy understands the needs of entrepreneurs and that these needs differ dependent on the life-stage of the business. Our interventions have been designed with these needs in mind – whilst aligning to corporate transformation strategies

Source and Recruit
Business Support and Mentorship
Change Management
Access to Markets
Access to Finance
Our interventions meet Socio-Economic, Enterprise and Supplier Development objectives, earning the maximum score for each.

WDB Seed Fund

A private, unlisted, section 12J Venture Capital Company registered with the FSB and SARS

WDB Seed Fund is an impact investment fund primarily focused on black women and youth owned businesses. The Fund was established to address the needs of the ‘middle missing’ i.e. early stage and growth businesses who, due to their nature, fall outside the mandate of current funding mechanisms.

Investment in the WDB Seed Fund provides investors with:

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If you want a real return on your investment while helping to grow the economy by building strong entrepreneurs, sustainable business and creating jobs, contact us for a customised solution that meets your needs.

Hackathons and Challenges
Hackathon and Entrepreneurial Challenges to solve local problems per region. This creates hype, as well as awareness of the brand. This also provides corporates with knowledge of specific requirements and trends in different regions – which is a fast, and practical way to do research of customer problems and possible solutions.

Seed Academy’s incubation programme ensures businesses are equipped to gain traction in the form of customers and revenue while ensuring quality of service and product.
Our approach is not a “one-size-fits all” as we know that no two business are the same. We define each entrepreneur’s specific requirements and objectives, and shape our approach accordingly.

We measure our success based on the traction businesses get in incubation, and their success post incubation in terms of growth and scale.

  1. Seed Academy‘s training is targeted at each entrepreneur’s specific business or idea and lifestage. The courses focus on personal and leadership development coupled with sound business processes to equip entrepreneurs at all levels with the skills and knowledge that they need to successfully launch, grow and scale their businesses.


Seed Academy offers Foundation Entrepreneurial Training for entrepreneurs in ideation stage and Advanced Training for entrepreneurs in the build & grow and grow & scale stages.


Find out more about Seed Academy’s Foundational and Advanced Training programmes. (link to interventions page)

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